I officiated at the celebration of the International Women's Day in Katakwi District under the theme, 'Accelerating Gender Equality through Women's Economic Empowerment. I urged the women movements to work towards transforming lives and follow NRM core principles to empower themselves. Before 1981, women were outside the whole equation but I am glad that what people used to laugh at by then is now a very serious gender. There are two ways of obtaining Socio-economic transformation; 1. Mass education, that's why NRM introduced UPE in primary and secondary schools. We're going to enforce free education in all govt schools. 2. Ending phenomenal of ekida kyoka. I have challenged them to implement everybody to strive for food security and income security with ekibalo. This is the way to empower women and men. I salute and congratulate our girls of NRM starting with the Vice President Maj, Jessica Alupo. I don't know how she convinced the Teso to accept that orange can be their cash crop. Before teso people thought oranges are just for eating. I congratulate our mothers, sisters and wives for they're the pillars of NRM and role models of young generation. Happy women's day.
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