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I had the pleasure of opening the 27th Conference of Speakers and Presiding Officers of the Commonwealth (CSPOC) at Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort in Kampala. 
Commonwealth brings together 2.4 billion people, while the NAM and G77+China, which we shall soon host, bring together a combined 6.4 billion people.
We therefore want to use these fora to put our humble ideas forward. The gist of these ideas is engraved in the slogan: down with philosophical, ideological, and strategic shallowness! 
This shallowness ignores the progress of the human race in taming the natural phenomena that harm man and taming nature to improve human livelihood. 
Yet we are well aware that human innovations have the capability to improve the quality of man, but due to this shallowness, some actors miscalculate and monopolize knowledge and tools to oppress others. 
The whole world wasted a century (from the 1860s to 1994) on promoting parasitism instead of symbiosis.  
Our student movement here since the 1964 has been advocating for symbiosis within Uganda, Africa and the world , we must therefore utilize the progress of man to promote symbiosis, expunge chauvinism of identity , class, religion and race . 
If indeed one values independence and freedoms , then they should wish them for all and stop manipulation and lectures to societies that are different from yours ! 
If you think you are right , then influence by example , with this posture the world will be peaceful and the progress of man very rapid . This is how we have managed to turn a bad situation in Uganda to a positive one and it’s what I want all of us to follow as our creed from here.


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