In 2021, Ugandans will, once again, go to the polls to elect their leaders, from president down to the local councils. This is the sixth successive election since 1996, following the promulgation of the 1995 Constitution.

This election happens following over three decades of uninterrupted peace and stability. This is not by accident. It is the product of years of endless sacrifice and the visionary leadership of the NRM party and government.

This stability has borne many fruits. On the democracy front, we have grown by leaps and bounds. Elections reflect the will of the people. The few challenges will be addressed especially now that the Electoral Commission will use biometric fingerprint identification to eliminate possibility of multiple voting.

Yoweri K. Museveni

On the economic front, what was once an enclave economy of the 3Cs (coffee, cotton and copper) and 3Ts (tea, tobacco and tourism) is now expanded to several sectors, is fully integrated and has grown nine-fold since 1986 (Shs128.5 trillion in 2019 against Shs14.4 trillion in 1986). Our revenue collection has grown tremendously (from Shs5 billion in 1986 to Shs17,589 billion in 2019), enabling the NRM government develop our infrastructure, build dams, offer free education, expand health coverage, increase safe water coverage, pay our government workers more, among others.

Socially, our people today enjoy unlimited liberties of worship, expression, movement and association. I must commend Ugandans for continually rejecting those who have tried to politically mobilise them on basis of tribe and religion. Whereas these are important, they are never more important than interests. The NRM party has been consistent in preaching this and uniting Ugandans along their interests. I am glad that our gospel has struck a chord.

Uganda now has a firm social, economic and political foundation. We embarked on a journey of taking Uganda to a modern state, a journey which has been on course until the unfortunate occurrence of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020. But even then, we have studied the situation, analysed the opportunities that emerged from this crisis and will exploit the silver lining in this cloud. In the manifesto, I make clear where these opportunities lie and what the government will do to tap into them.

We are now ready for economic take-off, which explains the choice of the theme for this election, “Securing Your Future”. The past and the present are resolved. It is now about the future. A future of a Uganda as a middle-income country with all households involved in the money economy and a prosperous citizenry.

You will only be able to secure that future by casting your lot, not just with me but with the NRM party. Why? Because we have demonstrated the ability to perfectly diagnose what ailed Uganda for long, made the correct prescription and have watched closely as this medication does wonders to the country’s health.

This secure future will be grounded on five pillars; 1. wealth creation andCreating jobs and ensuring household income for all, 2. Delivering education and health, 3. Ensuring justice and equity, 4. Pprotecting life and property and finally 5. ensuring economic and political integration.

The manifesto, which you can read here explains in detail, what the NRM government under my stewardship will do in these five sub-sectors to ensure indeed every Ugandan has a secure future. I urge you all to read it and invite you to vote for me and the NRM party.

I thank you.

Securing Your Future by:

Creating Jobs & Ensuring Household Income for All
Securing Life & Property
Ensuring Justice & Equity
Achieving Economic & Political Integration
Delivering Education & Health


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