Youth must change their mindset about work and shift from working only for the stomach and focus on improving their incomes. 

President Yoweri Museveni who is also the NRM Presidential flag-bearer in the upcoming general elections urged the youth to exploit the youth fund provided by government and engage in projects that can improve their welfare. He added that if they did this, then they would be able to live well without first waiting for government intervention. 

The President was meeting with the youths from Karamoja region at Boma Grounds, Moroto districts.

“If you have an income, even if there is no government hospital, you can go to a private school. With money, you easily access essential services. That’s why you should strive to engage in some income generating project. Even if the road from here to Kotido is bad, if you have pigs or honey in a Jerry can, would they refuse to go to the market? He asked.

He reiterated that because government could not do each and everything, it has to prioritize. He urged the youth to use the funds given to them by government as capital to develop themselves. 

He noted that the youths must spend their years of energy well by fearing God, desist from living promiscuous lives that would affect their health and aspire to live peacefully as they go about their activities.


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