On return from Tanzania, I went to St Lawrence College, Maya in Wakiso District to officiate at the 2nd National Primary School Teachers conference and give awards to excelling teachers.

Being asked to raise children you did not produce is a divine assignment. This is an incredible responsibility but also a trap for those who do not appreciate it. Beyond government enforcement, there is accountability to God. This is the most important aspect in teaching.

It is the NRM's plan that in the end, our country's public service sector will be renumerated very well. But it would be wrong, if not foolhardy, to prioritize renumeration over strategic components that are crucial for sustainable economic development.

For example, if we do not build roads and dams so that the cost of manufacturing is lowered, we shall not get jobs for our people, which in return undermines their purchasing power. Resultantly, this means the government will not earn taxes, which then affects remuneration of our workers.

Going by that strategy and our peculiar challenges as a country, one would appreciate that it takes more time to achieve this goal than some enemies would have you believe.

The other issue is of prioritizing within the salary increment process. Our view is that we empower our scientists first, to facilitate research and innovations, before we can cater to the humanities. The contention on that must be resolved.

Otherwise I thank and congratulate the organisers of this conference plus its sponsors.

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