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President Yoweri Museveni has criticized politicians who practice bad politics of division describing them as parasites and opportunists who are satanic. “Because of the poor politics, people in the Ruwenzori Region were divided though they are similar in culture and origin,” he said. The NRM Presidential flag bearer was today briefing the press on his campaign trail that he just concluded in Ruwenzori sub-region. He added that such politicians are practicing pseudo-ideology pointing out that NRM stood for unity that has given Uganda strength unlike in some countries that are embroiled in conflicts because of bad politicians. On infrastructure in the Rwenzori sub-region, Candidate Museveni observed that the road from Bushenyi to Kasese was damaged because it was either poorly constructed or the officials who signed the contract were corrupt. He, however, stressed that the road will be repaired. Mr. Museveni added that the road from Kyenjojo to Kigarare will be worked on as well as that from Bundibudgyo-Ntoroko to Semliki together with Sempaya hot springs road up to the mountains to boost tourism in those areas. He said Kyenjojo-Kinyarare-Kamwenge-Dura to Hima road with also be tarmac and the one from Karugutu-Rwebisengo-Semliki to the lake will also be worked on. On wealth creation, President Museveni praised the people of Bundibugyo for heeding his advice on diversification of agriculture and adopting modern commercial farming of growing high yielding crops like coffee, rice, palm trees and cocoa that he noted fetch good income. He reminded the people of his agricultural plan of 1996 that encouraged each family with 4 acres of land to select enterprises that are profitable like the growing of coffee, fruits, food crops and pasture putting at the backyard projects like poultry for eggs, dairy cattle for milk and piggery for non-Muslims. The plan also included fish ponds for those living near swamps. “Those who heeded the preaching of NRM are better off now,” he observed. The President further briefed the press on his message to the people of Ruwenzori that included NRM government’s plan to increase money on NAADS, youth, women, innovation and microfinance funds, creating jobs for the youth and skilling the youth. President Museveni who is the National Chairman of NRM Party reminded the people that everything that is being done in Uganda in terms of development is done by the NRM Party. Responding to some of the questions raised by members of the press, President Museveni clarified that all Oil agreements pass through different government bodies before they are approved. He said every agreement must be authorized by the Attorney General having passed through the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Cabinet and then on to Parliament for approval. Regarding encroachment on forest reserves, Mr. Museveni advised the National Forestry Authority (NFA) to use a very good amicable approach when handling encroachers as opposed to evictions with force. ENDS

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