His Holiness Dr Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin, leader of Dawoodi Bohra Community, called on me today at State House Entebbe. I thank him for visiting our country.

I also thank the Bohra community for offering to refurbish Gombe Hospital. I am impressed by the fact that the Bohra faith emphasises wealth creation through trade.

The Bible says we shall know them by their fruits. This means a holy person is known not just by words but deeds. By fulfilling their faith through trade and wealth creation, one could actually say the Bohra are practicing Christianity.

The government is working towards improving the business environment by working on widening the market (East Africa & COMESA), providing abundant, cheap electricity and ensuring availability of affordable transport.

Uganda is also a great tourism destination. We have fantastic weather considering that we are right on the Equator but with a high altitude. This is unique. The only other places gifted this way are Ecuador and Nanyuki in Kenya.

So, as I welcome his Holiness, I urge more members of the Bohra spiritual community worldwide to visit Uganda.

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