President Yoweri Museveni has urged the people of Isingiro district in particular and all Ugandans in general to engage in income generating projects in order to ensure their ability to banish household poverty. The President was meeting opinion leaders from Isingiro district in Ankole Sub-Region who called on him at his country home in Rwakitura Kiruhuura district. He called on the delegation to spearhead the campaign of educating the masses on how on how to use small pieces of land intensively so as to earn money to cater for their needs and chase poverty away from their homes. "People with small pieces of land should undertake projects that can suit their land," he advised. He strongly warned against the negative habit of land fragmentation resulting in small pieces that are uneconomic in terms of production. "The leaders should educate people to stop dividing land and other bad inheritance practices," he emphasized. President Museveni also advised asked leaders to unite and work in unison for development. He informed the meeting that he came into leadership in order to work for the unity of the people of Uganda who had been divided by past governments along non-principled issues like tribes and religion. He added that he came to Government to stop extra judicial killings, stop the destruction of people’s and raping of women. He, therefore, called on the leaders and people of Isingiro district to work together irrespective of their political and religious backgrounds. “Politics is not built on how you look like or where you come from but on what benefits the country," he said. The President saluted the people of Isingiro and all Ugandans in general for giving him mandate to lead the country as President for another five years. The people of Isingiro district, through their leaders, commended President Museveni for the development in the area and pledged to work with the NRM Government to ensure that projects like wealth creation, and roads, among others, reach the grass roots. The leaders from Isingiro South, who had earlier met the President, commended him for fulfilling the pledges in the area citing roads, and other projects, such as wealth creation that have benefited the communities. ENDS - See more at: 

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