President Yoweri Museveni has hailed members of the Born Again faith in Uganda for taking up seriously the role of encouraging and preaching in preaching unity as well as well as orienting wananchi towards national development. The President was speaking during a thanksgiving function that was organized by Pentecostal Churches in Kiruhuura district. The ceremony took place yesterday evening in Rushere playground, Rushere Town Council in Kiruhuura district. The churches were organized under their umbrella association that is known as ‘Unity of Faith’ whose major purpose is to work for the unity of all the Pentecostal churches in Kiruhuura district and beyond. President Museveni, who was chief guest at the thanksgiving ceremony, noted that by preaching unity, peace and development, the Born Again faith is putting into play the teaching of Jesus Christ Himself. He informed the gathering that one of the major challenges that the National Resistance Movement (NRM) tackled head-on upon taking over political power in 1986, was to fight unprincipled sectarian divisions and disunity based on religions, tribes and regions among Ugandans that were preached by past governments.-"People had started to misinterpret religion because of self seekers. Political Parties were based on religions and tribe; DP for Catholics, UPC for Protestants and KY for Baganda. When we came, we said no. We said one’s deeds are important irrespective of where he/she comes from,'' he observed. The President used the occasion to call on all church leaders in the country to sensitize their followers in particular and the masses generally on the steps to take in the fight against household poverty by engaging in commercial farming in order to get more income to address household needs. Kiruhuura district woman Member of Parliament, Hon. Sheila Mwiine, commended President Museveni for his dedicated efforts in the promotion of development programmes in Kiruhuura district in particular and the country at large that are geared towards the empowerment of wananchi. Bishop Gideon Mukambwe, who is Chairman of ‘Unity of Faith’, the umbrella organization of the Pentecostal Churches in Kiruhuura district, congratulated President Museveni upon his victory the 18th February 2016 Presidential elections and his recent inauguration as Uganda’s President for a 5–year period (2016 – 2021) that saw the country host over 14 Heads of State and Government delegations. The Bishop, on behalf of Pastors, thanked the President for the freedom of worship in the country. During the function, President Museveni was given a Bible and a walking stick as symbols to aid him as he leads Ugandans into development and prosperity.ENDS 

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