President Yoweri Museveni has urged the management of Kyambogo University to lay emphasis on the original mandate of the University of producing graduates in specific professional skills that include teaching, technical and technology skills.

“I appeal to the management of Kyambogo University not to lose sight of that demarcation of the boundaries - teaching, technology and technological skills. I was looking at your booklet, there are 179 graduates of science with education. They will mainly be teachers in secondary schools. We need more of those,” he said.

President Museveni who is the visitor of Kyambogo University was this afternoon presiding virtually, at the 17th graduation ceremony where a total of 9,521 graduates of whom 5,074 were males and 4447 females were awarded certificates, diplomas, bachelors and masters degrees as well as PhDs. 251 students obtained first class degrees in various Bachelors programs.

The over-all best performing student was Mr. Ruma Daniel Henry Bachelor of Science (Humanity, Nutrition and Dietetics) and the best performing female student was Ms. Nabasinga Joan Mirembe Bachelor of Information Technology and Computing.

The best performing student in the Humanities was Ms. Kutesa Deborah  for her Bachelor of Interior and Landscape Design.

President Museveni said in the early years of the University, Kyambogo used to offer courses like teacher education institute for grade 3 teachers that was later upgraded to the 5th level Kampala technical Institute for technology and technological skills and later school for teachers in the area of children with special needs. He added that the three areas were later amalgamated into one, Kyambogo University.

He however called on the University Council and the Senate not to lose sight of the original set up.

“We need both technology skills and technical high level education starting with science education,” he stressed.

The President congratulated graduates upon finishing their respective courses. He equally congratulated parents for supporting their children and commended the academic staff of Kyambogo University for shepherding the graduates through all the courses.

President Museveni also thanked the Ministry of Education and Sports for supervising Educational Institutions in the country.

Addressing himself specifically to the graduates, President Museveni strongly advised them to take good care of their health and never to indulge in reckless behavior that can prematurely end their lives.

“You are beginning a long journey in life. The first thing you should emphasize is health. Make sure you don’t cause yourself a health problem by reckless behavior either alcohol or loose living or obesity and get non-communicable diseases,” he counseled.

The President further counseled them to continue learning to remain relevant to new technologies of this very fast changing world.

“Learn continuously, don’t have the attitude of “arrivalism”. I have arrived. I don't need to know more. Continue learning, science technology is advancing so quickly,” he said.

The Minister of Education and Sports Mrs. Janet Museveni thanked President Museveni for gracing the virtual function, adding that it should be the norm for Ugandans and Institutions of learning to get used to because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

She commended the leadership of Kyambogo University led by the Chancellor Professor John Sebuwufu for their commitment and hard work.

Mrs. Janet Museveni hailed the University for producing degree holders in Education and Food Science Technology indicating that the university is now growing in the area of research especially in Science Technology and Engineering.

Mrs. Museveni urged Institutions of Higher learning to develop programs that support national socio-economic transformation aspirations and industrialization of the country.

“I commend the University for allocating ug.shs.1.5 billion towards research capacity development. I want our Higher Education Institutions to know that the Government expects your research to contribute to innovation, knowledge generation and the government's strategy for industrialization,” she said.

She stressed that the NRM Government is committed to improve the quality of human resources and to empower Ugandans to enable them to effectively contribute to the development of the country.

On the Students loan scheme, Mrs. Museveni encouraged the youth in Uganda to take advantage of the program and other opportunities to acquire the necessary skills, knowledge and competencies to favorably compete in the labor market and contribute to the development of the country.

She commended the leadership of Kyambogo University for the infrastructural development plans like the 4,000 student-seater central lecture block.

“This is a great achievement and I applaud the University for this initiative,” she said.

Mrs. Museveni thanked the parents and guardians for supporting the students through their academic journey and encouraged all of them to be ambassadors of the University.

The Chancellor of the University Professor John Sebuwufu thanked President Museveni for his guidance in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

He said despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, the University has continued to collaborate with National and International Institutions as well as strengthening the capacity in the areas of research and innovations.

He urged the graduates to be ambassadors of Kyambogo University and to continue upgrading their knowledge.

“Keep on upgrading yourselves, learning does not end,” he advised.

Other speakers included the Chairperson of the University council Dr. Gorreti Nakabugo who thanked President Museveni for supporting the institution.

The graduation ceremony will run for the next 2 days. 

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