Joined Christians and other Ugandans to pray for the soul of Retired Archbishop Livingstone Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo at All Saints Cathedral in Nakasero, Kampala.

I praise the the spirit of optimism exhibited by Mama Ruth, the widow. Nkoyoyo has run the race and fought a good fight.

What matters is what you do while on earth. Someone can die while stealing or in a bar but the archbishop died when his foremost worry was the Namugongo Shrine project that he helped initiate.

He used his time on earth to do good and help people. From the testimonies, one can see that the archbishop loved God with all his heart and might, and loved his neighbours. He walked in the footprints of Jesus.

I was baptized in 1947 when I three years old. I can bear testimony that Christians do not care about tribes, they care about the tribe of Jesus Christ.

The Balokole (Born Again Christians) have played an important part in civilizing Uganda. Banyankore used to drink unboiled milk but Christians stopped them because it caused disease.

However, I disagreed with them where they cited the Book of Matthew about birds of the air which do not sow nor reap yet they are fed by the Heavenly Father. They understood this to mean you do not have to work but God will provide for you.

I have always urged the church to teach people to get out of poverty.

I am going to support the work of the museum in Namugongo and the orphanage that Archbishop Nkoyoyo started. It has more than 75 blind and deaf children.

I salute the church for listening to my advice when I asked them to stop sharing the Holy Communion cup to avoid sickness. I thank them for their humility.

May the Almighty God rest His soul in eternal peace.

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