President Yoweri Museveni has said that all Ugandans must work and stop being spectators in the Government programme of Operation Wealth Creation (OWC).

The President made the remarks today during his busy tour of Kampala and Wakiso districts where he facilitated the income generation programme through the promotion of Savings and Credit Cooperative Organizations (SACCOs). He donated working tools worth Shs.275 million to Katwe Welders’ SACCO in Kampala and also commissioned the welding, drilling and grinding machines which are to serve 105 groups of metal fabricators.

“In life, we should not have spectators. Every Ugandan who has got energy must work and generate income. We should not have spectators in the income generation exercise,” he said.

Addressing the gathering in Katwe, the President criticized the past leaders for promoting religious sectarianism and noted that such outlook was responsible for the conflicts that the country had experienced. He said that he was among the youth leaders that promoted the spirit of fighting sectarianism in Uganda.

President Museveni commended the people of Katwe for being well organized adding that their association can be utilized as a channel to propel their progress. He criticized former Presidential Candidate, Col. Kiiza Besigye, for promoting commotion and confusion in Kampala City. He reminded him that wananchi need to be enabled to work and generate income for their families. He, therefore, commended the leaders of Katwe for mobilizing the people to care more about their welfare. He assured them that he would continue direct funding to benefit the people. He warned those who are bent on stealing funds from SACCOs that they would be arrested and prosecuted.

He paid tribute to the late Ahmed Sseguya, who was a resident of Katwe, for his commitment during the liberation struggle. He revealed that the late Sseguya was among the 14 Ugandan youths that he took to Mozambique for military training in preparation for the liberation struggle. He said that he has returned to Katwe and Kampala at large in order to work closely with the people. He informed them that he bought machinery for the metal fabricators in Najjera, Wakiso district and noted with happiness that the donation has boosted their income generation efforts.

President Museveni made a donation of Shs.100million to Katwe Welders’ SACCO in order to facilitate their operation capital requirements. He also pledged a donation of Shs.20 million for the building of a mosque in the area.

While at Zana market in Wakiso district, the said the NRM government policy is to empower all wananchi without discrimination and assured the people that he is fully committed to continue serving them. He expressed happiness that the country today, under the NRM Government, enjoys peace.

President Museveni directed the State House Comptroller, Mrs. Lucy Nakyobe Mbonye, to follow up the issue of the land that the people of Zana have identified for their market with a view to acquiring it for them. He also donated Shs.100 million to Zana Market SACCO for their operational capital.

President Museveni later proceeded to Bwebajja Fruits Market and donated Shs.100 million to the Bwebajja Fruits Sellers’ SACCO. He informed the gathering that he had paid them a visit with the aim of helping them eliminate poverty from the households. He said informed them that agriculture, small and large scale industries, services, ICT and Public Service are the five main channels of generating income.

The President said the funds he had donated must be used as a revolving facility for the benefit of all. He, therefore, urged them to strive and boost their SACCO for even bigger achievements. He also pledged to make a special arrangement for the craftsmen and carpenters soon.

The Chairperson of the Bwebajja Fruits’ Market, Ms. Vincencia Zalwango, thanked the President for having supported them in the past. She saluted him for his commitment to continue supporting them.

State House Comptroller, Mrs. Lucy Nakyobe Mbonye, revealed that each of the 105 groups in Katwe would be provided with 3 machines to enhance their ventures in metal fabrication.

President Museveni had earlier started his tour with an impromptu visit to Kawempe market where he told the vendors that he would return and meet them for development purposes. ENDS

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