Commissioned the first phase of the Uganda-China Free Zone of International Industrial Cooperation project in Tororo. This phase includes an office living base, mineral dressing plant, phosphate fertilizer plant, unbaked block plant, machine repair centre and a laboratory centre.

In my Economics class at high school, I learnt about the four factors of production; land, labour, capital and entrepreneurship. While Uganda is endowed with natural resources and affordable labour, we do not have much capital nor entrepreneurs . This is where the partnership with China comes in handy.

I thank the Chinese government for support extended to us through investors like Guangdong Dongsong Energy Group, which was mobilised by Ugandans living in China and their counterparts living here to come and establish this project.

The Chinese government does not only support these money-making projects, but also supports infrastructure. These factories need electricity and the Chinese have supported us in the construction of Isimba and Karuma dams.

I am told that when operating at full capacity this Sukulu factory needs 120 megawatts, which is nearly all the power currently generated at Owen Falls Dam (180MW). That is why the government intends to construct more dams.

Uganda will undoubtedly become prosperous but I know we must fight corruption. Those engaged in corruption will be dealt with. They disturb investors like parasites. We are going to lock them up. It is a simple fight once we have evidence.

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