At State House Entebbe last evening, I launched a book titled "Uganda's March to Industrialisation 1986-2040", authored by Hon Mary Karooro Okurut.

Uganda's transformation has happened because of NRM's clarity of vision even when faced with bottlenecks like high cost of electricity, money and transport.

Our steadfastness, however, has seen our economy grow steadily over the years and from a country of scarcity we are now a country of surplus (milk, poultry, sugarcane etc).

The challenge now is to find market for our surplus products, which explains our push for regional integration. For example, Uganda's annual milk production is 2.5 billion litres, yet the country consumes not more than 800 million litres. The rest is sold in the region.

We have resolved most of the obstacles that limited our industrialization push. We have surplus electricity, have fixed the roads, now working on the railway and capitalizing Uganda Development Bank to fix cost of money.

The biggest challenge is corruption. Previously, it was mainly perpetrated by civil servants but it looks like the politicians have joined in. We are going to crack the whip. I urge investors to report government workers who ask for bribes. For the foreigners, you can go through your ambassadors who will reach me easily.

I commend Hon Karooro for documenting our industrialization journey and congratulate her on authoring this book.

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