With First Lady Janet, we attended Easter Sunday mass at Bukalammuli Catholic Parish in Kiyinda Mityana Diocese. Bishop Anthony Ziwa led the mass attended by hundreds of Christians.

This particular parish is of significance because it was at the heart of our NRA Bush War and took a knock because of that, suffering several losses. The government will support it in its rebuilding mission, especially to establish income generating projects.

A lot of what was destroyed, including lives, cannot be replaced. It was great sacrifice which has seen the rest of the country benefit from the NRM government but we shall do whatever we can to improve its station.

Supporting religious institutions is not a new thing. Recently, we joined Christians to modernize the Uganda Martyrs Shrine at Namugongo. For the NRM, we shall also build sites at places like Kijaguzo and Kikyusa in Luwero District, in memory of our struggle.

I wish you all a happy Easter.

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