I joined our people of Alur to celebrate the 8th coronation ceremony of King Ubimu Phillip Olaker Rauni III.

I am particularly glad to work with King Ubimu because he is carrying on the work of his grandfather who was my friend. I also thank Zombo District for consistently supporting the NRM and me.

I also commissioned a new theatre at the Warr Health Centre III which has been upgraded from a health centre II. The road from Nebbi to Vura border post is on schedule to be tarmacked and very importantly is the peace we can all witness in these parts.

These are all efforts and achievements of our government. But because government cannot do everything for the people yet, we advise that the people also put in some extra work.

For instance, I saw a lot of cultivation while flying over the district. That is commendable but does not translate into high household income and poverty alleviation.

That is why I encourage commercial agriculture. The weather in Zombo is conducive for fruits such as apples and grapes, coffee and Irish potatoes. I have also been told that avocado would flourish in this climate.

The other issue is the need to grow a wind breaking system using Caliandra trees, which grow quickly, infuse nitrogen into the soils but also the leaves can be fed to cows.

For this reason, I have pledged my support to the kingdom with various inputs including 2 tractors, and cash contributions to the King's Sacco Initiative as a partner in the fight against poverty.

The kingdom has offered me land to put up a demonstration farm and that will be done as soon as possible.

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