The NRM Presidential candidate, Mr. Yoweri Museveni, has said that Chinese investors in Buhweju district in the Ankole Sub-Region are promoting gold prospecting.He made the comments at Bihanga Community Secondary School in Nyakaziba village, Bihanga Sub-County in Buhweju district at a rally that he addressed and during which he welcomed 81 members of the opposition who converted and joined NRM.“The Chinese investors are in Buhweju prospecting for gold. They are making progress. We allow the investors to work on these projects because they have the capacity to deliver and they are motivated by profits. Government has the main task of providing other essentials such as the infrastructure,” he said. He noted that it was essential for us to establish the source of the alluvial gold in the area and maximize our returns.The Site Manager of the Uganda Sino Watson Minerals Company, Mr. Bob Fu, revealed that his company has made good progress in prospecting for gold during the past 3 years. He reported that they have a workforce of 200 people.Mr. Museveni commended the people of Buhweju district for their commitment to working hard as was witnessed through the cultivation of tea. He noted that their efforts have improved on their livelihood adding that he has built for them one tea processing factory. He, however, observed that since their production has increased, he is ready to build for them a second industry. He was optimistic that the move would boost their agro-ventures. He called on the gathering to grow more tea, fruits and rear dairy cows as part of the measures to eradicate household poverty from their homes. He also encouraged them to grow Irish potatoes and continue with the cultivation of millet noting that it is nutritious.He observed that the area has got a big potential to benefit from tourism and called on the people to invest in the sector. He said that NRM has scored a lot of success because of its stand on promoting unity in Uganda. He condemned characters involved in promoting sectarianism along religious and tribal lines. He observed that the population of Buhweju district has multiplied due to a successful national immunization programme as well as improved health care in the country. He assigned the Minister of Water and Environment to get technical personnel to work on the water supply of Buhweju Town. He said that the rest of the district would be availed water by employing gravity flow schemes while the other areas would be served by pumping water to the hill tops and thereafter distribute it to the low lying areas.Mr. Museveni informed the people of Buhweju district that the NRM Government would build a new road covering the Bwizibwera – Nsiika – Katerera route. He further told the huge crowd that the Government would provide electricity to Bihanga, Ngaju, Karungi and Nyarubusya, among others. Candidate Museveni called on the people to vote for the old man with a hat and all the NRM flag bearers.The leaders of Buhweju gave Candidate Museveni presents that included a drum, stool, a spear and a carton of processed tea leaves produced from the area. They also gave him a millet basket.The candidate for the post of Women Member of Parliament of Buhweju district, Mrs. Allison Byamukama thanked him for the present of peace that he given to Ugandans. ENDS  

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