Following the July 2017 meeting between myself and H.E Amani Abeid Karume former president of Zanzibar, Uganda will be hosting the Global Peace Leadership conference.

Together this morning, we have launched the website and mobile application and addressed members of the press  at state House Entebbe as part of the initiatives in preparation for the conference in August 2018. The subject of Peace needs to be brooched from a structured angle and gatherings like this are always a welcome opportunity for Africa to share analysis, draw examples and in some cases conclusions /solutions on issues affecting us. And while we are grateful for the support of development partners from other parts of the world, we are also aware that the biggest task lies with us. This is how we move forward from peace not just being the absence of war but also prosperity of our people. In order to achieve this, concerted effort must go to areas of education, building moral fabric of society, maintaining unity in diversity, improving the role of businesses and environment conservation. 

 The future of Africa is bright, with over three quarters of the continent peaceful as opposed to the years gone by. And as leaders who have been actively involved to witness these changes, we are hopeful that the sister nations that are still struggling will soon be pacified. 

In all of this, the African media must rise to the challenge of telling our story devoid of unrealistic comparisons with other parts of the world.

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