I officiated at the Bishop Hannington Memorial Day celebrations in Mayuge District where I challenged traditional and religious institutions to use their influence to inculcate useful morals and practices in our societies with the aim of transformation.
Previously, the Church of Uganda helped Banyankore to depart from their primitive ways. I therefore call upon the church to instil proper morals, hard work and a culture of development amongst our people, rather than fan them on to engage in useless politics.
Regarding Bishop Hannington, his death was caused by far-fetched superstitious beliefs. Apparently, some body told Mwanga that people coming from the East would bring his trouble. Hannington was only armed with the gospel, why kill him?
There is a huge problem with belief in superstition, when we were in the struggle, some people said I should not eat pumpkins because they cause tears! That people would cry! This narrative had to be debunked. The church must take up a role in falsifying such beliefs. 
Finally, I want to pledge government’s support to the people of Mayuge on wealth creation and improving household incomes. We are going to support those engaging in palm oil growing and have also set up a skilling centre for youth in Busoga. 
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