President Yoweri Museveni has called on universities in the country to teach courses that will help address the needs of society and development of the country.

The President was officiating at the 15th graduation ceremony of Gulu University in Northern Uganda where over 1,500 students graduated with Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates. 226 of the students were on government sponsorship.

“Human living is about solving the needs (emikyeno) of society, like food, health, mobility, water, communication and entertainment. In the courses you are running here, which needs of society are you addressing? All human needs fall in the four sectors of agriculture, industry, services and ICT. Students should be trained in these four sectors so as to address the needs in society,” he said.

He again reiterated the need for universities to focus on teaching science-based courses adding that government could not fail to fund science-based courses and research projects. He said that some of humanity courses that are offered at Ugandan universities such Development Studies were not so relevant but were stretching the education budget.

“We must understand political economics which has to do with the laws that govern society. For instance, we normally say that science is the primer of all changes in society. When human beings invented fire 1.5 million years ago and it changed things this was because of science. Let us, therefore, go for science oriented studies,” he advised.

Referring to unemployment as one of the challenges that the graduands would be facing, President Museveni told them that government is developing infrastructure in the country to attract foreign investment that would help create jobs. He also advised them to be job creators and entrepreneurs instead of waiting to be employed. 

Mr. Museveni contributed Shs.100 million to Gulu University staff Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization (SACCO). He lauded the good management, complete peace and tranquility at the institution for past 2 years.

Gulu University Chancellor, Prof. Fredrick Kayanja expressed happiness that Gulu University has become an exemplary institution as it has attracted foreign students from Nigeria, Namibia, South Sudan and Burundi.

He also noted that the university will be able to make and provide instant cassava for food to schools, homes and employment opportunities following the establishment of a new cassava processing and business incubation centre at the institution.

He congratulated President Museveni for having successfully completed the 195 Km Trek from Wakiso District in Central Region to Kakumiro District in Western Region.

Vice Chancellor, Prof. George Laadaj Openjuru,  said the university needed more support in science research. He was happy to note that Gulu University graduands in agriculture are doing particularly well because of the solid base practical foundation they acquired while studying at the university.

The President also commissioned the University’s new multi-functional science research laboratory.

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