With His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta, we commissioned the one-stop border post at Busia, the second busiest entry point for Uganda. 

For a long time, Africans have been asleep but what we have done today shows that Africa is getting out of slumber. Lack of unity, coupled with these border separations, have had catastrophic consequences on us. 

This explains my push for integration of East Africa and Africa. Integration ensures prosperity of our people through trade and services. This one-stop border will make it easy for trade to happen.

Peace and security is another reason for integration. We are stronger and safer when we are united as a region. 

Integration is also because of our brotherliness. We share ethnicity across the border. We are brothers. There are Samia, Luo, Itesot, Bagisu in Kenya and Uganda. We should not let these artificial demarcation (geographical borders) divide us. 

The Busia facility will be improved. For example, we need X-ray technology to check loaded trucks and stop this method ofmanual checking. We need to use modern technology. 

We are also working on using radar stations on the lake to curb fish smuggling and catching immature fish. 

I thank Trademark EA, President Kenyatta and the government of Kenya for this spirit of cooperation. I also thank the people of Busia for supporting the NRM government. 

We shall repair the bad sections of Busia- Kampala road and repair the railway to ensure smooth transportation for passengers and goods.

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