“There can never be a Yiira Republic,”President Yoweri Museveni has this afternoon received a delegation of the minority tribes in Kasese who were complaining about marginalization in Kasese district.Some of the minority tribes were also talking of an alleged scheme to create a Yiira Republic involving the Bakonjo of Congo and the Bakonjo of Uganda.The minority groups represented were the Basongora, the Banyabindi, the Bagabo and the Bakyingwe [Banyabutumbi] as well as some other immigrant tribes [Bafurukyi].The President assured the delegation that if a Yiira Republic were ever to be created, it would never ever involve a single inch of Uganda.“The people who fought for the freedom of Uganda would never allow that to happen. Anybody involved in that dangerous dream will see his efforts come to no avail,” he said at a meeting held at State House in Entebbe.The President reminded the delegations that the constitution of Uganda guarantees all Ugandans to enjoy their rights and outlaws sectarian marginalization.“Your complaints, therefore, would be discussed by all stakeholders in the area to find a just solution. It is not correct for you to suspect all the Bakonjo of ill intentions,” he said.The President said as normally happens in such situations, it is the leaders who mislead the people.“You should therefore not distrust all the Bakonjo. You should, instead, work to expose the promoters of tribal chauvinism,” he said.The delegations were led by Hon Kafunda Boaz, a former Member of Parliament Busongora. END.

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