President Yoweri Museveni has commended Joel Cherop for establishing a demonstration farm that is earning him a lot of money.The President said that government would support farmers in Kapchorwa district like Cherop with the provision of chain links to fence their farms and protect them from being destroyed by stray animals and to ensure maximum production.The President who was accompanied by the First Lady and Minister for Karamoja Affairs Janet Museveni was yesterday touring a demonstration farm established by Joel Cherop at Kapanguria Parish, Kapteret sub-county in Kapchorwa district.The President who had just concluded a tour of the district to assess the security situation following an attack on a police station by armed thugs, took time off to visit the farm. He also made a stop over at Kapchorwa Modern Nursery and Primary School where he called on them to work hard and keep in school. The pupils sang a song to welcome the President and the First Lady.President Museveni and Maama Janet Museveni were impressed by the demonstration farm that has apples, tomatoes and onions. It uses irrigation to boost production.They noted that growing maize is not very profitable because it takes long period of time to mature. He advised the Ugandans to emulate what Mr. Cherop to transform their lives economically.Cherop who is a university graduate told the President that he spent Shs. 20 million to establish the farm adding that he earns more money during the periods in which these items are scarce because of the high demand.He said that his farm has attracted many people from the different parts of Uganda who come to learn and commended President Museveni for spear heading the elimination of poverty among the households through the promotion of operational wealth creation which he is experiencing.He urged the youth to get out of their mental prison and undertake what the President is promoting through wealth creation using the small pieces of land they have.At the landing site where the President boarded his chopper, pupils of Tuban Primary School in Kapchorwa district stopped him and sang songs to welcome him. The Head teacher of the School Mr. Joel Chebet congratulated the President upon winning the 2016 general election and urged him to tackle the problem school land encroachment by some people.END 

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