With First Lady Janet, we visited Restoration Gateway project in Bebmont Village, Mutunda Sub-county, Kiryandongo District.

The project, which was founded by Dr David Tim MCcal and his wife, Janice, has now set up a 180-bed hospital with dental and surgical theaters. It also runs an orphanage, a primary and secondary schools.

I thank Dr MCcal and his wife for thinking of this idea. Somewhere in the Bible it says "Let your light so shine before men that they see your good deeds and praise your father in heaven".

Christians should influence other people through deeds and not just words. The Government will support project by ensuring it gets electricity and stops running on generators.

We shall also fix the road from the junction in Karuma township to Bebmont and we shall help the project get faster clearance of its equipment at the airport.

The hospital project is a good one. It can be developed to help stem the tide of people going to India to seek for specialized treatment. Here, a patient can be linked to specialist doctors in the US to attend to you through the Internet.

To the people of Kiryandongo, I remind you to engage in wealth creation. Follow our four-acre model to create wealth through agriculture. I will return in the near future to discuss the other issues of the district. I thank you.

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