President Yoweri Museveni participated in activities to launch the National Physical Activity day at Kololo airstrip, Kampala. The significance of the day is to inform the population about the importance of physical activity, its relevance in preventing Non-Communicable Diseases and keeping healthy.

As part of the activities, the President  took part a 10-kilometre walk though Kampala, aimed at highlighting and stemming the increasing risk of Non-Communicable Diseases.



In the past, on account of poor hygiene and lack of intensified immunisation, communicable diseases like polio and measles, were rampant. But the NRM government intensified immunization and other interventions and most of these diseases are almost wiped out.

Instead with development, more people are now dying of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), which is largely about lifestyle. These are diseases due to inactivity coupled with over-feeding.

A total of 40% of deaths today are due to NCDs, broken down as follows: 13% accidents, 9% heart diseases, 5% cancer, 3% diabetes and 10% others like sickle cells. Regarding sickle cells, I advise that you do tests before marriage to avoid having lifetime challenges.

The good thing is that non-communicable diseases are easy to prevent. One simply has to change lifestyles, exercise and eat well. The increase in cases of cancer, diabetes, heart diseases especially in urban areas is because people eat too much and do not exercise.

Avoid gluttony. Personally, I have heavy breakfast because it is what will run my body in the day's course, have light lunch mainly to avoid ulcers and very little supper, eaten early in the evening.

I want therefore to thank the Ministry of Health for launching this sensitization drive and urge all Ugandans to pick interest in matters health, keep fit and avoid these NCDs.

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