President Yoweri Museveni has hosted  His  Royal Highness  Prince  Sultan  Bin  Muhamed  Bin Saud  Al Kabeer,  a member  of  Saudi  Arabia's  ruling  family and the Prince’s entourage, at his Country  home  in Rwakitura Kiruhuura district.

The President, had earlier conducted the Prince on a tour of his Kisozi farm in Central Region’s Gomba district.

The Saudi Prince is visiting Uganda to explore investment opportunities in the strategic priorities of his businesses.

While at the Rwakitura farm, the President told his guests that the cows that graze in open fields feed on nutritious pasture (hyperenia grass), the more reason they look healthy. 

On his part, Prince Saud commended President Museveni for being  model  farmer in the  Uganda. ENDS



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