I am honoured to host The Right Honourable Hailemariam Desalegn, the Ethiopian Prime Minister, and his wife Roman, for a three-day state visit.

This visit underscores the long-standing relations between our two sister countries. We held bilateral talks and agreed on several issues;

Nile: We shall discuss further the use of the River Nile waters under the auspices of the Nile Basin Summit.

South Sudan: We will work together in the stabilisation of of South Sudan, using the IGAD, which is currently chaired by the Hon Prime Minister.

Somalia: Our countries will continue working together to create an enabling environment for Somalia to build state pillars, establish minimum infrastructure and social services.

Trade: We shall explore areas in which our countries can trade with each other especially now that there is a route (road) connecting Kenya and Ethiopia at Moyale, which we can take advantage of.

We also agreed to strengthen our cooperation on defence matters.

I thank the PM for accepting my invitation. He has come on the anniversary of the Battle of Adwa, where King Menelik defeated the Italians on the 2nd of March1896. I congratulate the people of Ethiopia on this occasion.

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