I was chief guest as Jinja Catholic Diocese celebrated its Golden Jubilee yesterday under the theme "Remain in my love". I congratulate the diocese on this achievement.

This diocese was formed when I was already around and I thank God for giving me life to be able to witness all these developments.

At the time of the diocese's formation, the country was in turmoil. You had ministers like Matthias Ngobi, Grace Ibingira, Balaki Kirya and George Magezi arrested. Subsequently, prelates like Fr Kiggundu and Archbishop Janani Luwum were extra-judicially killed.

These vices were all stemmed by NRM when it came to power in 1986. We have freedoms now, including that of worship. You now have believers of different religious denominations coming together to functions like this one.

I urge Christians to embrace commercial agriculture. This will greatly enhance your income and besides managing your family needs, you will be able to contribute generously to other causes like the church.

If each family in Jinja Diocese could contribute one million shillings, enough funds would be raised for the church projects. Each family would be wealthy, the church would be provided for and the government would also benefit.

I will make a Shs50m cash contribution to the diocese's radio project, and help meet the rest of the cost of setting up the Shs500m facility.

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