Presided over the International Women’s Day celebrations at Rwimi Primary School playgrounds in Bunyangabu District. I congratulate all women on this important day.

I thank Bunyangabu District officials for effectively and transparently using the resources government gave them to build their head offices. They received Shs900m, used Shs700m to do the work and returned the balance to the Treasury.

Residents of Rwenzori must rest assured that their region will remain peaceful even when there might be security challenges in the neighbouring eastern part of DR Congo. The UPDF and other security agencies are alert and doing a good job.

What I have been informed about are the rampant thefts, especially of farm produce. We are already undertaking measures to curb this type of crime. We shall use sniffer dogs, cameras on highways and gradually electronic monitors on automobiles to catch these criminals.

About infrastructure, the road from Fort Portal to Hima is being reconstructed, so is the Hima-Kasese-Katunguru road. Soon, the entire section of the Fort Portal-Bushenyi road will be tarmacked. We are also extending electricity to all sub counties.

With infrastructure in place and given the fertility of the Rwenzori area, residents should embark on commercial farming and improve their household incomes.

The other interventions by government will include setting up an industrial park for this region and developing its mining industry. We shall also continue supporting the tourism sub-sector which is already thriving here.

I am glad to hear that the Women Fund is having an impact. I support the idea that we increase allocations to the women, youth and NAADs funds. We shall ask Parliament to support this proposal.

Finally, this is a multi-ethnic region. I advise that you reject opportunistic politicians who seek to exploit the secterian card for cheap popularity. Do not vote leaders on the basis of tribe, it should be on the basis of their ability to work and deliver. I thank you and once again congratulate the women on this day.

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