It was my pleasure commissioning the new headquarters of the Special Forces Command. Built by SFC's construction unit, the complex cost Shs3.48b, opposed to the Shs9b quoted by a contractor. 

Also commissioned were newly-built dormitories for soldiers, renovated houses for non-commissioned officers, gun shades and a 30,000-litre fuel pump. These cost Shs1.1b and all the work executed in 23 months. 

The army should continue this way, building its facilities and saving money. You should do this especially for lodgings for soldiers. It is not right for soldiers to sleep outside the barracks. What if war broke out in the night, where would we find you? 

Besides saving money since contractors borrow from banks with high interest rates, military facilties like these need a certain degree of privacy and confidentiality. Building them yourselves helps. 

Encroachers on army land should not be tolerated. Encroachers should either compensate the army if they have built on the land or vacate the land and ownership reverts to the UPDF.

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