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 I commissioned Uganda's first mobile phone and computer manufucting and assembling factory in Namanve Industrial Park, Wakiso District.

SIMI Mobile, which is owned by ENGO Holdings Uganda Ltd, at full capacity will produce 2,000 feature phones, 1,500 smart phones, 800 laptops, 2,000 chargers, 4,000 USB cables and 4,000 ear-phone sets.

I thank the government of China and its investors for supporting us. These Chinese are not jealous, they wish us well. This factory will significantly bring down the cost of mobile phones and computers in Uganda.

When this factory attains full capacity production, it will be prudent for the government to support them by increasing tax on imported phones. We must support our local manufacturers. We shall also lobby the regional market for these products.

The government will also buy their walkie-talkies when they finally begin manufacturing. I congratulate everyone and every agency involved in making this milestone possible.

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